Mrs Cannings Marvelous Magic!


One cottage. Two children. Summer break. Magic is afoot!

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Join me as Mrs Cannings Marvelous Magic comes to life! Originally a 6-book series, this collaborative effort is being brought into the 21st century and will be available as a serial publication through a newsletter format. These books document the adventures of two children and their summer break at Granny Fae's house in the country.

Join us and discover what they are learning about history, geography, myth, mystery, and magic!

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Plunge into the mysteries the children unfold and travel with them as they learn new things and explore alternative and diverse methods.

We’ll be exploring things like astrology, numerology, myth, legend, herbs, crystals, energy, the senses, food, foraging, maps, trees, and discovering things like magical creatures, hidden portals, and many other things along the way.

Through a monthly subscription, you’ll receive a newsletter with information and links to help you immerse fully into the books and the world that is Mrs Cannings Marvelous Magic. There is also an exclusive subscribers group on MeWe that will give you an opportunity to ask questions, leave comments, and read behind-the-scenes things, too! 

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