About the Author


Jean is an International speaker, author, artist, and HeartHerald of Shift-Evolution-Life.biz, a global community for leaders and supporters who encourage families to create powerful, sustainable, and adaptable lives. She is also a prolific writer with many books published on Amazon.

With over 40 years of experience in a variety of sectors, Jean found herself facing an unexpected and life-changing genetic illness. It took over two years for her to feel somewhat normal and ready to transform her life, so she could become focused, solution-oriented, and shift her mindset from victim to victor.

She began writing, creating art, and speaking to clarify her thoughts; learned the skills necessary to evolve her mindset even further; and garnered the expertise necessary to have an online presence. Her passion is helping others see clearly where they are, recognize where they want to be, and shift and evolve their lives with ease and grace so they can embrace well-being and joy.

She derives great joy from writing imaginative and compelling stories and sharing them with others. That is what this site is all about... come join us on a magical adventure of heart!