Cast of Characters

Faerys Canning

Daughter of Louise and Jon Deveraux, from Witness to a Murder, Faerys wants to leave a legacy of wisdom and magic to her grandchildren.

Now, an older woman on her own and a woman of some means, Faerys (AKA Granny Fae) has her grandchildren to stay over their summer break from school.

She uses the time as an opportunity to teach them to appreciate the wild ways of nature and alternative methods.

Indoors, they explore arts and crafts, cooking and mending, and learn to question what they think is possible.

Alasdair Deveraux

Faerys' brother, Alasdair is the son of Louise and Jon Deveraux, from Witness to a Murder. He is close to his sister and they support each other in their endeavors.

Alasdair (AKA AD), is the 'I can get it to work,' kind of guy who is great with most all things. A Renaissance man of sorts, Alasdair loves to learn and is extraordinarily curious and adept.

However, he knows that when Faerys calls, there is something afoot.

Alasdair has no children of his own and, though he enjoys the company and energy Phoenix and Raven bring, there are times he prefers them in measured doses. His childhood was not sedate by any means. He feels compelled to pass on to the children what he can to prepare them for their future and to keep them safe.

Phoenix Fletcher

Phoenix is Sabene Fletcher's (nee Canning) daughter. Sabene is Faerys' daughter.

The eldest twin, Phoenix wants to use this summer to have fun. She's looking forward to a little independence. She is, after all, quite precocious and capable.

She loves the outdoors and Granny Fae's cottage and garden are an idyllic wonderland to explore.

Being seven has its advantages. She can roam on her own, within limits, and she knows enough about most things to look after herself and keep her brother from getting into too much trouble.

She doesn't know what the summer will hold, but she knows Granny Fae is full of surprises and she is looking forward to the time with her.

Raven Fletcher

Raven is Sabene Fletcher's (nee Canning) son. Sabene is Faerys' daughter.

The youngest half of the dynamic duo, Raven is always on the go. He can't wait to spend the summer at Granny Fae's. He knows he'll find all kinds of things to do, explore, discover, learn, and enjoy! Nothing is safe from Raven's quick and probing curiosity.

Granny Fae always has something exciting planned and she is always surprising them with more than they think there is.

Let the summer begin!

Everything is fiction and this is no exception. The characters in this series are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons alive or dead is purely coincidental. The cast will appear as they are added to the series.

The Episodes

Phoenix Chronicles

Raven's Acquisitions

Granny Fae's Grimoire

The Wizards' Pass Guide to Magical Creatures


Henry has been working for Faerys since before her husband died. He is the handyman around the property and he takes care of just about everything there is that needs to be fixed, sorted, disposed of, constructed, you name it... he is a jack of all trades.

Of course, he wasn't counting on an invasion of sprogs to keep him on his toes over the summer.

Surprisingly, he finds himself fascinated by the little adventures they devise and is happy to assist Faerys in keeping them busy and safe.

And yes, being part of this property for so long has seeped into his bones and taught him a thing or two. He is usually a quiet sort of man and doesn't want to let on just how closely tied he is to the land and the myth. So he works quietly behind the scenes.